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COVID-19 Vaccinations are now available on a walk-in basis at our office. We will still be accepting appointments from as well!


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Back-To School

Vaccination clinics

June 15 @ Riverside
July 21 @ Burwell
July 28 @ Sargent
August 4 @ Merna
August 6 @ Broken Bow
August 11 @ Ord
August 25 @ Wheeler Central

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Click to register your child for upcoming Back-To-School immunizations! 

  • Family Health and Fitness day June 12, 2021

  • Men's Health Week June 14-18

  • World Blood Donor Day June 14, 2021

Our Duty

The responsibility of our local health department is to promote health services and prevent disease. We focus on improving the health status of the population, as opposed to primary care providers who respond to treatment of individuals. To accomplish this mission, we concentrate on three core government public health functions; assessment, policy development and assurance.


LBPHD is offering school hosted immunization clinics! Scan the QR code on the flyer to sign up your student to receive their Back-To-School vaccinations to prep for the upcoming school year! Please make an appointment at your kids school to get them up to date.



LBPHD is happy to announce we are now offering the Pfizer vaccine to those who are 12 years old and older! 

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Have a mosquito problem? Call LBPHD today to help solve your problem with Mosquito Dunks! Did you know that we trap mosquitos from the end of May to mid September? We then send them to DHHS for testing for West Nile, St Louis Encephalitis and Western Equine Encephalitis! This is a safe, nontoxic way to control mosquitoes! 

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Summertime is here and is in full force! Here's some tips to stay cool and the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion 
heat stroke!

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