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Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)



- 10 days from when symptoms have started. 

-Symptoms onset is day 0, the following day is day 1 of the 10 day count. 


-Day 0 is last day in contact with positive, following day is day 1.

-10 days from last known contact with COVID positive individual if no signs or symptoms occur. 


-Test on Day 5 from last known contact with COVID positive individual. IF negative test results are received, last day of quarantine is day 7 if no signs or symptoms occur.

-If two weeks prior to receiving 2nd dose of vaccine (1st dose of Johnson & Johnson) you do NOT need to quarantine, you may self monitor in lieu of quarantine. 

-If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or for the COVID-19 antibodies in lieu of quarantine you are able to self monitor. 

-MUST be masked until day 14 after exposure from COVID positive, due to the ability to show signs and symptoms from 2-14 days after exposure. 

District Case Counts

The below graphic will be updated every other Tuesday. Unless LBPHD feels the need to update the public due to a increase in cases. 

July 20, 2021 update.jpg

With the rise of cases in our district LBPHD is helping to fill the gap by the absence of TestNebraska by offering BINAX COVID-19 TESTING. Testing is available only to those who are:



Have had exposure to a known positive

We do NOT offer travel testing.

These 15-min rapid tests will be available at varied times everyday. Please call ahead to schedule your appointment and to receive instructions regarding how to arrive for testing.


Due to the executive order 20-15 we are unable to report case counts by county. To see counties that have high, substantial, moderate or low transmission please click below to view. 

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