You can't stop emergencies and disasters from happening but you can take action to prepare for them. We must take action to get a jump start on preparedness in case of an emergency for our families, friends, and neighbors. 


This template is intended to give you a format and possible suggestions about information you might want to include in a family disaster plan.  It is not all inclusive and should be modified by the user to suit individual or family needs.


This plan can be filled in as an electronic version or printed and filled out by hand.  If filled in by hand, it is suggested that one use a pencil for ease of making future corrections to information contained in the document.

Natural Disasters and Severe Weather

Natural disasters and severe weather can occur anywhere. Follow the CDC link below to become informed and prepared for such events.



Emergency Preparedness / Family Disaster Plan

The CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response website is CDC’s primary source of information and resources for preparing and responding to public health emergencies. This site continues to keep the public informed about public health emergencies and provides the information needed to protect and save lives.

Congratulations to the winners of the 3rd Grade "Be Prepared For Winter Weather" coloring contest

1st Place Natalie: Burwell Elementary

2nd Place Tim: Loup City Elementary

3rd Place Gauge: Burwell Elementary


4th Place Raven: Elba Public Schools

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